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AMP (American Marketing Partnerships) is a marketing services organization that provides the American public the ability to earn substantial part-time income through participating in several exclusive online marketing programs.  Our first marketing opportunities include:

Personal Data Banking and Sales:  Download one of our proprietary search engine "Data Banking" applications so AMP can safely anonymize and store (in cloud storage) your data, and you can participate in AMP's data marketing programs and earn extra income from sales of your anonymized personal data! 

Online Direct Sales: Participate in one or more of our direct marketing programs for nationally recognized products and services to earn extra income from directing purchasers to the product sales website.


Direct Sales Programs


AMP has negotiated exclusive distribution agreements to allow our partners to sell selected nationally-recognized consumer goods they purchase every day, such as cosmetics, wellness products, nutrition supplements and home goods.  Instead of signing up for expensive and risky “multi-level marketing” programs, our partners can market and sell these same products simply and directly using AMP’s favorable distribution, sales and commission arrangements.  This allows you to receive a higher sales commission than you would receive as an independent sales agent and without having to sign up, qualify and purchase the typical required inventory.  Our partners simply help sell the products and then provide the customer their unique “AMP Code” to receive a commission on each online sale. Becoming a successful part-time direct sales agent has never been easier.

Monetize Your Data


You can earn extra income through using our proprietary Data Banking applications on your computer (and in the future your cellphone), and allowing AMP to safely “anonymize” your data and market and sell it. Just download one of our proprietary search engine “Data Banking” applications (such as AMP’s Google Chrome or Firefox browser extensions) and while you use your browser, you will be automatically sending your search engine data to your own Data Bank Account at AMP’s secure cloud storage. As an AMP limited partner, you can elect to participate in AMP’s negotiated data marketing programs to monetize your Personal Data Bank data and pay you on a regular basis.

AMP is a member of DAWEX, one of the largest Data Marketing Marketplaces, and is actively seeking purchasers of the Personal Data Bank anonymized data.  


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